Monday, June 27, 2011

In My America: Celebrating the Fourth

Valerie J. Steimle

Monday is our Independence Day and what a great celebration of freedom it is.  We are reminded of our country’s history and what we need to do as its citizens to keep our freedoms strong. In my America, we are responsible for the welfare of good citizenship.

In my America, our constitutional republic is the fabric for our moral strength.  Our core values are important for the success of our country as these values are very vulnerable to attack from radical factions that seek to destroy and redefine our society. We have respect for human life and allow all children the chance to live in a free world with both parents at the head of the home and support them as such. 

In my America, the Justice Department and court system stands for honesty and integrity.  All judges of the court would act in accordance with a good social and moral foundation in not only upholding the law but judging what laws are unjust in sustaining our freedoms and understanding the true meaning of the Constitution.

In my America, we are free to act for ourselves in what we eat, drink, where we live and vacation.  We can write or tell of our opinion and not be fearful of retaliation. We are fairly taxed to support a minimal government and are allowed to vote our discontent when we feel the need to make improvements.

In my America, all citizens can own their own businesses and be blessed by the economic success of free enterprise. We can hire who we want, when we want and no undo tax or unnecessary regulation would hinder the continuing force of private enterprise.  Our country’s economy would be strong to overcome any economic strife from other countries.

In my America, we can drill for oil in any part of our United States and become self-sufficient in supplying our own energy sources without out government regulation.  We would provide our own workers to drill, refine, and deliver fuel to all Americans at a reasonable rate and not price gouge its citizens.
In my America, we would celebrate the return home of all military troupes and allow them the opportunity to continue their livelihood with full support of medical treatment.  All military personnel are our heroes and would be treated as such.

In my America, we don’t support our enemies by financing them or handing over arms or property. We would keep a strong hold on our defenses and refuse to let the sovereign will of the people be pushed aside by outrageous demands from an oversized government. We are treated fairly by law enforcement and our borders are protected from intruders.

In my America, we could trust our own leaders to make the right decisions for the best interest of the people in faithfully standing in defense of life, liberty and the family. Hang our national flag proudly this Fourth of July and remember what freedoms we are blessed with in this terrific country.