Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vegetable Gardens and Other Thoughts

Driving around Baldwin County (where I live) these past few weeks, I have noticed quite a few vegetable gardens throughout the county.  They are beautifully kept and will be an asset to all who use them.  Growing vegetables during the Spring and Summer in Lower Alabama is not only great exercise but it helps the soul to become grounded to what is important.  Digging in the earth gives your spirit a lift and gets you out doors, especially when the weather has been so beautiful.

Waking up in the morning with a cup of orange juice and a walk outside to my garden to visit all of my “babies” is very refreshing.  My tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers and radishes are all growing profusely and I have started harvesting vegetables already. The garden is my thinking place and I have pondered many topics about my life which help me to shape my opinions.

One of those thought provoking topics is the “Law of the Harvest”. The Law of the Harvest is an important lesson to learn for all families as there is responsibility in gleaning in what a person has planted. We plant a seed in our lives; whether a project we started, a sport we play for a season, a degree at school, or children we bring to earth; we should follow through until we are have finished the job.  I think as time marches on, my garden gets more difficult to maintain.  Adversity as in hot weather, lack of time, too many weeds and other distractions keep me from my garden.  I’m over whelmed by all the produce and I am tired. But the “Law of the Harvest” tells me to follow through until the end. 

For those who do not have a vegetable garden, you are in luck.  Living in Baldwin County, especially on the eastern side of the county, the farmlands are in abundance.  Many farmers grow vegetables to sell to large company buyers but also have left over for those families who are interested in stocking their refrigerators. A great place to find fresh fruits and vegetables are at the many fruit and vegetable stands along Highway 59 and your local farmer’s market.  There are four farmer’s markets in Baldwin County which boast of fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long.

Our bodies stay healthy when we eat healthy and if we can't have our own garden, we can by all means buy from someone else's. It great to work in the earth and get back to nature as well.

Happy Spring!!!