Monday, April 23, 2012

Families Are Important

           I have been anxiously reviewing and analyzing my life as it has been so far.  I know change will always be a part of what I experience on earth just like the winds and the weather of Spring.  But one aspect of my life I can count on for support and confidences for me, it's my family.

          With the uncertainty of life’s trials and tribulations, going home every night to a family can be very comforting.  Like eating comfort good, your family is a haven away from the affects of the world.  When family members put their own families first, a safe place is created in our lives to run away to when the world is crazy and right now with elections high gas prices, it seems as if this is happening.
            The voice of reason is not always within the distance of a listening ear when wars break out or terrorists strike but putting your family first helps keep you sane in an insane world.  Sometimes it takes the ideas of a second party to understand the full effect of how losing employment of the downward spiral our nations financial state can affect you but with your family living their life with your life, common sense can have a place in your home.
            There are many aspects of life to consider through the eyes of a family.  We are the keepers of our homes and most of us would agree that we should guard that home against the ravages of the world.  The world doesn’t seem to cater to the health and wealth of the American family and believe it or not there are many current events which greatly affect how families live their lives. For example, there is the great controversy of same sex-marriages.  Should the country give gay relationships the green light for legal marriage?  What about the Fairness Doctrine in radio talk shows.  If they shut down conservative talk shows, who can we listen to for sensible news?  How will these high gas prices affect family vacations?  These are all unanswered questions which affect families but with knowing and appreciating what we have at home, we can get up every morning to a more peaceful setting.
            The number one teacher in a child’s life is his parents.  If there were no parents to teach children by good example or vocal instruction, how can correct role models in a society be taught?  They can learn from neighbors, teachers or peers if they spend time with them.  Maybe even learn how families function from television, if there are any good examples to watch.  But there is not much taught if children don’t get it form their parents living in a family structure.  The importance of families go way beyond what television, public school or even government can do for us.
            I recently watched a movie called “The Family Man”. It was the story of a man making choices.  On choice was to marry his college sweetheart and the other was to focus on his career.  The path he chose led him to a big career in New York and one day ten years later he was given a glimpse of what it would have been like if he had married his sweetheart.  It was an adjustment for him, no doubt, but once he understood what was happening, he really enjoyed the time he had with this family that would have been his.  He was then put back into his real life with no family and realized what was really important and wanted that family life back.
            I might not write exactly to your liking but consider all your read here food for thought.  As I think about writing about the family, it seems like common sense.  It is common sense that most people are striving for in our modern world. 
            So the next time you dread coming home at night to your family, think about all of the positive aspects a family can bring and tell them how much you appreciate them.  It will make all the difference.