Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Valerie Steimle

Spring has officially arrived which means many people turn their focus to spring cleaning. All the clutter that builds up over the last year with unnecessary items inside your home and around the yard need to be sent to the trash can or given away to someone in need. Reorganizing closets can give you more space than you realize. Deep cleaning all the dirt off the walls and floors will help everyone in your house feel better. Besides removing dirt and unwanted items from your home there are other spring cleaning jobs which need to be considered.

Consider cleaning your life habits. A reevaluation of how you spend your time and what you are doing for most of the day can help you get back on track in what is really important in your life. Time wasters and addictions can be tossed out of your life as life is too short to miss out on the good stuff of spending time with family and friends. Relationships can be developed which are much more fulfilling than time spent with electronic machines.

Another aspect of spring cleaning you might not have considered is within your own person. As most health care providers will tell you, your body is a temple and should be a priority in the utmost care. Cleaning your system with detoxification of lots of water and wholesome foods can make a big difference in how you feel every day. According to Psychology Today, “detoxification is not for everyone (pregnant women and people with serious medical conditions) but for those who are able to improve their diet with more clean liquid intake and unprocessed foods such as brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, can thoroughly clean out your system.” Bodies need to be cleaned inside as well as out, as waste is built up inside and can cause a body to not function properly.

Election time will be arriving soon and we have the task of electing the right person to do the right job. Spring cleaning can be applied to this task as well. We need to remove all the dirt and unwanted items from all areas of the state and country to get our government running back on track again. Take a good look at where the country is headed and realize that our future is in our own hands. We need to carefully consider all candidates and make the right choice as we want to retain our liberties living in this free land.

Spring cleaning is a useful task in all aspects of our life. By cleaning out our homes, our lives, our bodies and our government, we can improve the quality of our life ten-fold.